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The Beauty, the Masterpiece, the Classic.
And so we offer the finest camera equipment in the world. The machines that produce eye candies.

We trade Leica Camera Products from the new digital age and the high-quality cameras from the classic film era since 2012.

We simply take the name RANGEFINDER because we like rangefinder cameras! Finding a range that you can go or see, what a meaningful word! We provide our best services to both our valued customers and business partners, and share the joy of playing with those materpieces.

Our office is located in Tsim Sha Tsui of Hong Kong. You may contact us through email (info@rangefinder.com.hk) about your enquiries. Please see our contact page.

Good photographes need good sight and vision from the photographers. So, Join us, together to support ORBIS to bring sight to those in need.


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