Leica MP & M-P Edition “70th Independence Anniversary” Pre-Order Available: 2015.05.30

Pre-Order available for the New Limited Edition Sets.



The limited edition will be available with the MP Analog Film Camera and the M-P Typ 240 Digital Rangefinder Camera.
Two sets include the specially finished Summilux-M 35/1.4 ASPH FLE and Noctilux-M 50/0.95 ASPH and some unique accessories. The MP Edition comes in Glossy Black Paint color and Red Scale Lenses, while the M-P Edition comes in Silver Chrome color, with the unique cognac color leatherette.

Only 70 units will be produced from each set.

Pick up date & other details will be confirmed during the order.
For further details, please contact info@rangefinder.com.hk / facebook.
Tel: +852-34822213


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