PayPal / Credit Card Payment – FAQ

Can I pay by Credit Card without a PayPal Acocunt?

Yes, we accept both PayPal and Direct Credit / Debit card payment. But it is recommended to pay by credit card with a PayPal account.

My Credit / Debit Card is not accepted by PayPal. Why?

Some buyers may find that PayPal does not accept their payments. It may be caused by the Maximum Transaction Limit of their PayPal Account. This limit can vary based on their account history, type and location. A verified PayPal account usually has a higher limit.

From our experience, a verified US account has send up to USD$10,000 in a single transaction and a Japanese verified account can send up to JPY1,000,000, while an unverified Japanese PayPal account can only send up to JPY100,000 in a transaction.

There are some alternatives to try to complete the transaction that you can try if your payment is not accepted:

  1. Try to pay with another credit / debit card.
  2. Pay by Direct Credit Card Payment method (See below “How to pay by Credit Card directly?”)
  3. Increase your PayPal account limit by verifying your account or calling the PayPal Customer Service for support.
  4. Use PayPal’s eCheck as payment, where you deposit the money via bank to your PayPal account, and the money become your PayPal’s balance to pay. However, this method takes a longer time to proceed.
  5. Contact us at We will try to find out the reasons for the error and solve it with you or provide you with another payment methods.

How to pay by Credit Card directly?

After clicking the Proceed Button at the order page or the PayPal Express Checkout Button on the cart page, you will be directed to PayPal’s checkout page. You can choose:

  1. Login PayPal and pay if you already have a PayPal account, OR
  2. Pay directly by Credit Card (Visa, Master, AMEX, etc) without registering or signing in Paypal.


Is my Credit Card information safe?

Your payment information will be handled under the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted environment to make sure the information to be transmitted securely.