Product Highlight: Leica APO-Summicron-M 50mm F2.0 ASPH – SILVER


Leica has recently introduced the Silver Anodized version of the legendary lens – APO Summicron M 50mm F2.0 ASPH. The very first APO Summicron M 50mm F2.0 ASPH came into the market during 2013 in black color, along with the M Monochrom (M9 based CCD type). 3 years later, Leica finally produces the Silver version of this lens.

The APO Summicron M 50mm F2.0 ASPH produces exceptionally sharp images and providing a lot of details in the images. It has been one of the flagship lens in the Leica M series since its release back in a few years ago. Now, you can order this lens from us. Please contact us for details and support.


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