Leica M Edition ‘LEICA 60’ M 60 – Limited Edition


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600 pieces limited.

Set includes M Camera & Summilux 35/1.4 ASPH Lens.

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60 years in focus – at the photokina 2014, Leica celebrates the 60th anniversary of the birth of the legendary Leica rangefinder system with a strictly limited special edition – the LEICA M Edition “LEICA 60”. 1954 saw the launch of the M3, the first Leica M-Camera to feature the fundamental characteristics of the Leica M-System – the ultimate in optical and mechanical precision and an intense focus on the essential parameters required for photography. Today, 60 years later, it is the combination of technical innovation and the undeniable capabilities of a classic camera that make the LEICA M Edition “LEICA 60” so unique and desirable.

Strictly limited to 600 examples worldwide, the cameras and lenses of the LEICA M Edition “LEICA 60” feature unique matching numbers between 001/600 and 600/600. The M-Camera bears the additional engravings ‘Leica 60’ and ‘Leica Camera Wetzlar’ to indicate the special significance of the edition. A premium quality camera protector in leather and steel protects what has long since become a legend. However, only brought up to the photographer’s eye does it become what it has always been – incomparable and essential.

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